Unrivaled Expertise

Consultancy services exist for almost any subject of importance.

This is the Gateway to specialist Life-related Issue-resolving.

Collectively, there are to be twenty specialty contributors.

This Gateway is the eventual primary access to them.

It is under review, and reconstruction.

Once completed, the specialist focuses will embrace all options.

Central management of output is via: 'The Consultancies'.

Ultimately it will oversee Consultancy output on:

Crucial Universal output about Balances.

The Spectrum of Absolute Core Knowledge.

Specific Issue Resolution derived from Core Understandings.

The Personal, Community, National and Global Absolutes of Core Solutions.

Millennia Overdue, the Epic Progress toward Global Sustainability.

Potential Environmental Impacts of Derek's Core Output.

Friendliest Options versus Banal Adversarial Orthodoxy.

Helping All across the Spectrum from the 'Lowest' examples upward.

The Universal Understandings that can Save Humanity and the Planet.

The Spectrum of Crucial Opposites that Harm or Enhance Everything.

The Imperative Paradoxes that Govern all of Existence, Life included.

The most Elusive of Peace and Peace of Mind Objectives for Everyone.

The Absolute Ultimate in Avoiding/Resolving all Relationship issues.

Everything pertaining to all Intimacy Implications, Positive & Negative.

The Sustainability Implications covered by the Imperative Absolutes of all options.

Explaining the Vital Synergies that Govern Life entirely, and all Beyond.

Defining the Ultimate in Wellbeing, and the Avoiding of the Destroyers of it.

The Wisest Choices for all Humanity and for the entirety of Life itself.

The Unlearning processes needed for Sound Worldwide Edification.

Additional resources are needed to complete the overall development.

First however, an initial Launch remains perfectly feasible in 2022.

To speed the needed progress, additional Finance, IT and PA help are the primary needs.

The commitment is to then deliver progressively the 'Absolutes' on each subject.

The Paramount is to deliver global Scale to enable Everyone an opportunity to contribute.

Their Contributions at any level will assist the overall Ideals.

In the interim, a number of practical options exist, including:

Finding out about the 'Founder'.

'To Explore' the wider aspects of the project.

'To Help' the wider project


For the widest selection of initial Start-points to this unique initiative, please select: 'Key Links'.